Sorry about the issues you encountered. The installer is not doing a good job planting in some settings on certain configurations, and lately we have been contemplating on abandoning the main installer as a mechanism to install WebSharper altogether. Instead, we have been exploring nuget (which is unable to install VS templates, unfortunately) and VSIX installers to distribute binaries and VS templates. This latter approach seems to work quite well for our WebSharper 2.5 alpha.

The link for now to access the 2.5 alpha release is: [] . This site is actually generated by building the main WebSharper repo.

In the ZIP file on the above site, there is a VSIX file that installs a revised set of WebSharper templates. One main change in these templates is that they create VS projects and not solutions, so you will need to add a host and a sitelet project to your solution to experiment.

Let us know if you encounter issues, in the meantime we will put some effort into beefing up the templates with some larger sample applications to get people started more easily.

By on 6/13/2013 10:31 AM ()

Using the alpha release works. Ended up copying the web.configs from the websharper-bootstrap project as the default ones didn't seem to work (appeared to not be calling into the code to create the pages). Also managed to get a build and deploy working on AppHarbour but it did require pushing all the websharper dlls to the repo as NuGet doesn't know where to find the alpha dlls.

By on 6/16/2013 6:26 AM ()
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